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  • Broadcast Day:
  • Tuesday
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  • Airing/Returning
  • Duration:
  • 60 minutes
  • Seasons:
  • 10
NCIS is a police procedural whose episodes premier on CBS in America. It focuses on a unit of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the organization that investigates crimes involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Most of the characters have imperfect pasts, and much of the shows appeal comes from watching them make the most of this second chance. Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the team leader. He stalked and killed the man who murdered his first wife and their daughter. Caitlin Todd, from the first two seasons, joined NCIS after leaving the Secret Service due to a romantic indiscretion. Dr. Donald Mallard deeply regrets his actions while serving with interrogation teams in Bosnia. Ziva David came to NCIS after becoming disillusioned with her Mossad career. If you love a good crime mystery, then you'll certainly love NCIS.
Genres: Drama, Crime, Mystery, Comedy, Thriller, Action
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  • A Dressing Down of the Sexual Connotations
  • NCIS is a highly rated television series. What sets this show apart is the acting and the writing. The actors' performances in their roles continue to be solid from season to season. The whole cast, from leading roles to guest stars, works well together and demonstrate great on screen chemistry.

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